completed projects

1) The construction of four electric power stations in the Persian Gulf (Bandar Abbas) each of 3200 MB in 1975 with the italian group G.I.E . 2) The foundation of a financial institution in the province of Puglia and in the three major cities of southern Italy from 1982 to 1992, with the collaboration of important banks in the province of Puglia, has played a significant role in the economy and the growth of the region. 3)The construction of a seafront in the south of Italy with 200 cabins and three swimming pools with a restaurant and 2 private beaches in a beautiful wooded area prepared for the Miss Puglia with tennis courts, football, horseback riding, disco and all leisure facilities in 1990 . 4) The realization of a shopping mall and hotel-residential complex in the province of Siena with an area of 5 hectares for 3 years from 1995 to 1998. 5) The construction of the first Italian cheese factory with a production capacity of over 20 tons per day with Italian technology and machinery, distribution of famous Italian food products, exclusive representation of products such as Parmalat, Parmiggiano Reggiana, Grana Padana and direct sales of these products to the major chain stores in Moscow like Sidmoi kontinente - Ramstor, to all hotels and restaurants and fast food chains such as Sbarro, Sab Way, Pizza Hat, Domino Pizza and so on. Our company, Italy 2000, started its activities in the complex (Itera Pet Rus) of 2 hectares in 1997. 6) The foundation of the Italian restaurant "Mamma Mia" in Metishi near Moscow in 1999, in a park with a covered area of 500 square meters with a unique atmosphere and the Italian chefs and management, which later became a casino. 7) The foundation of an industrial complex in a green area, ex Boy Scot, with an area of 15,000 square meters in Metish near Moscow, taking its property from the municipality of the region, the construction and distribution of Parmalat's products in Russia with a signed contract of their representative Mr. Lucisano for ten years, transfer of the italian cheese factory to this complex and distribution all "Made in Italy" products in 2000. 8) The foundation of double-glazed windows manufacturing factory and the production of UPVC doors and windows with American technology, with a daily capacity of 800 square meters from 3 to 19 mm, fully automated in the province of Kerman (Iran) in 2005. 9) The establishment of a trading company for exports and imports in the Middle East with the exclusive representation of over 40 important Italian factories, in collaboration with Danieli - Marelli - Mattei and others. Establish of a construction company in Florence to buy and sell old buildings and renovate them, build a three-star hotel with 37 beds and other projects in 2007.