Trading petroleum products, exporting and importing industrial and consumable goods, investing in fundamental projects and holding commercial exhibitions with international partners are the main activities of the company. We are proud to announce that our success stories are based on our speed, accuracy and honesty in all executive operations. The ability of building perfect relationships with foreign countries, especially Italy, Greece and Russia, and having long-term relationships with petroleum refineries in Russia and other countries with platt are the strengths of our company.

Our goals are to develop international trade, to bolster international communication with different oil and energy companies and to increase the level of expertise of our team in technical and petroleum engineering.




Field of activity:
♦ Purchase and sale of  derivatives of oil and hydrocarbon includes fuel and gasoline D2
♦ Import and export of industrial and consumable goods
♦ Providing international banking services, especially in Monaco, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Montenegro

Policy and Purposes:
♦ Expansion of commercial, cultural, industrial and developmental exchanges with foreign countries and international companies
♦ Augmentation of multilateral relations and increase communication in the development and construction of the refinery and all other activities related to oil & gas industry

♦ Boost international communication in the fields related to petroleum, industrial, developmental and agricultural products

At the end, the company is ready to cooperate with interested companies.